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Obsession (2008)

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A documentary film, which examine the clear concept of an obsessive sensation. The film digs a subterranean-inner consciousness tunnel via the different kinds of obsessions; obsession with love, obsession with death, food, knowledge, money, sex, control, exposure, cleaning, fame, etc. The film sketches a line connecting obsession, to the spirit of the time and to the modern lifestyle, binding them together; while considering the determination that obsession is the most common "disease" of the 21st century. The intense process, through which the film takes the viewer, examines how the obsession is created, what feeds the obsession, how does obsession serves the person, and how it is motivated by an endless aspiration of the person to achieve salvation, a state of euphoria.

World Premier: Docaviv 2008

Funded by NFCT
Noga communications, Channel 8

Nominated for the Israeli Academy Award Best Documentary, 2008

Producer, Director Ohad Milstein

Sound Design: Alex Claude
Post production: Irit Perry

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