Systema (2010)





A documentary film, following the Israeli Synchronized Swimming team, focusing on the dynamics between the individual and the group: the individual’s attempt to find her place in the group, and her systematic shift, while going through adolescence, from a localized set of rules to a set of rules that is national and total. 

According to Israeli law all 18 year olds are drafted to the military. This film follows Eva, a member of Israel’s national Synchronized Swimming team, during her last year before being drafted.

Premiered at Docaviv international film festival, Tel Aviv, May 2010.
Script developed at IDFAcademy work shop 2009.
Won best documentary prize "free- docs" category 2011

Funded by the New foundation for Cinema & TV

 Supported by Quark Production- Paris.

Producer, Director: Ohad Milstein

Sound Design: Aviv Aldema
Production manager: Irit Perry