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Systema (2010)





A documentary film, following the Israeli Synchronized Swimming team, focusing on the dynamics between the individual and the group: the individual’s attempt to find her place in the group, and her systematic shift, while going through adolescence, from a localized set of rules to a set of rules that is national and total. 

According to Israeli law all 18 year olds are drafted to the military. This film follows Eva, a member of Israel’s national Synchronized Swimming team, during her last year before being drafted.

World Premier: Docaviv 2010.
Script developed at IDFAcademy work shop 2009.
Won best documentary prize "free- docs" category 2011
Funded by the New foundation for Cinema & TV. 
 Supported by Quark Production- Paris.

Producer, Director: Ohad Milstein
Sound Design: Aviv Aldema
Production manager: Irit Perry

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