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Monogamia (2023)




Monogamia takes you on a roller-coaster journey into the world of love and intimacy within committed relationships. Follow the director’s personal quest to bring back the love that once flourished between his parents. As you watch, the inevitable question arises: Can love indeed endure the test of time? Can the revelation of buried secrets revive the spark of long-lost intimacy? Does monogamy stop being monogamy after tasting the ‘forbidden fruit’? Amidst this captivating exploration, consider the excitement and price of open relationships.


World Premiere at the Semaine de la Critique of the 76 Locarno Film Festival, won the Grand Prix.

Jury's justification:

“The film uses various formal means to tell the story and cleverly blurs the boundaries
between observation, influence and individual ideas. Through its twists and turns, the
film constantly leads us down new paths and questions both the form of the
documentary and the relationships of all the people involved. In addition to
the conceptual realization, the film never loses its emotional connection to the
audience and manages to reach both our minds and our hearts. “


Producer, Director: Ohad Milstein

Broadcaster: Hot8, RBB, Arte

Film Fund: Rabinovich foundation

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