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Knock on the door (2023)




How do you tell someone their loved one has been killed in combat? With a knock on the door, the life of the family will never be the same. This sensitive documentary looks at the casualty notification officers who are tasked with delivering the news, with humanity and compassion. Filmmakers Aya Elia and Ohad Milstein give us an intimate glimpse into the training of the IDF soldiers who shoulder this responsibility and the emotional toll this takes on them, while Elia reflects on the loss of her own brother during an ambush in Lebanon 25 years ago.

Won Best Documentary award at the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg 2023


Jury's justification: A compassionate story of a life changing experience, where the intimate tragedy of a family becomes a universal film about grief.

Producer: Ohad Milstein

Director: Ohad Milstein, Aya Elia

Original Score: Ishai Adar

Sound Design: Shahaf Wagshal

Broadcaster: Kan11

Film Fund: NFCT, Gesher, Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts

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